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But after careful review of economic realities, and where Apple seems to be going with users and small developers like ourselves, it has become impossible to continue to serve you properly.

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I knew then that it was a small segment of the software world, meaning that none of us would get rich, but being a Mac person myself I knew that you were the group I wanted my company to serve. Recent Apple decisions, such as totally abandoning support for 32 bit software your computer supports both 32 and 64 bit software equally well now is just one of the latest changes from Apple that benefits them more than the average Mac owner.

Many of you have told us this in your calls and emails. Ultimately the cost of rewriting all of our programs to 64 bit is prohibitive.

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Thus the inescapable decision to close up shop. Your Time Cycles' software will continue to run fast, efficiently and dependably in all versions from It will not run in Catalina, which Apple will be pushing at you later this year.

But, when you have to move to Catalina and beyond, we have negotiated an excellent path for you. Here is what we have done and will do to help you with this change. We have carefully examined all of the software companies that currently produce a Mac astrology programs.

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Our ultimate choice for our customers in this transition was clear — the company is Esoteric Technologies. These are the people who created the most popular and best astrology for Windows, Solar Fire. This is a very well designed module.

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The Page Designer is also incredible impressive. You can edit any of the more than built-in page designs, or again create your own. Prometheus has extensive and user-friendly customizing functions including ones called Configuration Editors that allow you to create and select sets of points, aspects, Arabic Parts, Rulerships, Fixed Stars, Asteroids, Almuten, and create and modify display schemes, and the Planetarium.

You can also choose your default location, and select the wheel to use for each type of wheel Prometheus is the first astrology program to offer an OctaWheel, i. The program also makes it easy to change your astrological settings. In the Astrology Settings module , you can customize settings for each of the many different approaches to astrology e.

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Vedic, Horary, Traditional, etc. In Part Two of my review of Prometheus, we will explore in myriad calculations offered by the program, and its particularly unique features. However further versions may be available soon to support more devices and platforms. Check back soon for all the latest updates!

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