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Also, prepare to be full-on seen by the cosmos because once you input your birthday logistics, there's no more denying the power of astrology.

Below are my top three astrology applications, ranked from the one I use most to the one I use least. I still highly recommend all three apps, especially to those trying to get a better understanding of astrology, but No.

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The TimePassages app sits directly over my Messages icon because I use it every single day. This app gives you an instant astrological analysis of your birth chart — featuring a visual chart interpretation along with a user-friendly list of astro aspects — and a Daily Horoscope tool, integrating your individual birth date along with the current astrology transits taking place at the moment.

For the record, that's not something you see every day; horoscopes are typically ambiguous for this reason because you need an exact time, date, and location of birth for an accurate assessment The downside to this is there is a small cost — unless you purchase the unlimited feature for a one-time price — but you have the option of astro-analyzing family, friends, and romantic prospects via the Compare Charts option to see whether y'all are compatible. You're welcome.

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Now do yourself a favor and download TimePassages for iOS. Don't get me wrong, TimePassages is my personal fave, as I've been studying astrology my whole life. Co-Star, however, is more sleek, modern, and millennial-friendly for a number of reasons.

3 Astrology Apps That Will Help You Learn More About Your Birth Chart & Blow You Away With Accuracy

For starters, the visual interpretations are easy to digest and the horoscope updates have interesting sections such as Power, Pressure, and Trouble. This makes it easier for the user to understand where they can expect to see some challenges, unless there's a harmonious astrological aspect in favor, of course. Something else I appreciate about this app is the use of terminology. A lot of people aren't familiar with astrology verbiage, let alone what a conjunction even means.

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This is why I highly recommend downloading Co-Star , especially if you're just starting dabble in astrology. The AstroWorx application is another one of my go-to softwares.

A birth chart is the only way to precisely calculate the exact affiliation you have with certain signs and planetary aspects. You can find out more about birth charts from the home page. Tasmanian Devil.

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